Body Jewelry Collections

Chakra Necklace, Yoga Necklace, Chakra Pendant, Yoga Jewelry, 7 Chakra Jewelry, Yoga Pendant in Gemstones & Sterling Silver

Menat Broad Collar Body Chain Shoulder Jewelry

Slave Bracelet Hand Chain Piece Thumb Bronze Bohemian Hipster Boho Boheme Chic Hippie Vintage Hand Body Jewelry Filigree

Dainty Lace & Crystal Leg Chain

Crystal Lattice Body Chain Convertible Statement Necklace Body Jewelry

CLEARANCE SALE Arm Chain Bracelet Arm Bracelet Piece Hipster Bronze Silver Chain Moroccan Swirl Charm Turquoise Bead Bohemian Drape Body Jew

Slave bracelet - hand chain // 14k gold filled and 3 tiny cz cubic zirconia diamonds ring chain bracelet

BODY Lace Necklace, Steampunk Lace Collar, ivory bib Detachable Collar Necklace, Top Fashion, Boho, Sexy, Body Jewelry

Upper arm wrap "Forest nymph", upper arm cuff, Jewelry, arm bracelet, copper jewelry, arm cuff, silver bracelet, silver jewelry

Industrial Barbell Tiny Elephant Body Jewelry Ear Jewelry Double Piercing

Caesar Leg Jewelry - Body jewelry- Barefoot sandal - Leglet

Sized Heart, Hand Chain, Slave Bracelet, Bracelet Ring, Bracelet, Silver, Adjustable, Custom Sized, Love Chain, Hand Jewelry, Body Jewelry

Belly button ring piercing - Body Jewelry - Sun belly ring

Thigh Chain (Leg Jewelry/ Body Jewelry). Silver or Gold.

2 Gauge Bolt Plugs - body jewelry for stretched ears

Thigh Chain (Leg Jewelry/ Body Jewelry). Silver or Gold.

Cartilage hoop Earring, tiny leaf silver hoop,silver tiny hoop

Rihanna inspired Body Necklace - Sterling Silver Body Harness, Body Chain & Sexy Beach Jewelry

5 PAIRS Barefoot Sandals - CUSTOM PACKAGE - Foot Jewelry Slave Anklet Toe Ring Thongs Beach Destination Soleless Boho

Rose gold lavender purple lilac violet crystal stud earrings, Bridal earrings, Bridesmaids gift, Swarovski stud earrings, Crystal earrings

Peach Rose Flower Nipple Ring14ga Barbell Body Jewelry Stainless Steel 1 Set

Bullet belly button ring, bullet jewelry, brass bullet, country jewelry, country wedding, cowgirl jewelry, 30-06 bullet, gun jewelry

Clear Crystal Gems Industrial Barbell Piercing Bar 14G 32mm 35mm 38mm Cartilage Piercing Body Jewelry

Shark Belly Button Jewelry Ring In-N-Out

Belly button ring piercing - Body Jewelry - Sun belly ring

Lotus Belly Button Ring Jewelry Turquoise Flower Rose Navel Piercing Bar Barbell

Angel Wing Bracelet, Wing Bangle, Silver Bracelet Bangle, Silver Angel Bracelet, Angel Wings Jewelry, Angel Bangle Bracelet, Angel Jewelry

Pink opal boho armlet, upper arm chain, body chain, unique jewelry

Bee Earrings, Honey Bees, Bumble Bee, Bee Jewelry, Bees and Honey, Amber Earrings, Amber Czech Earrings, Summer Bee Earrings, Bee Earrings

Glass Opal Flower Rose Daisy Belly Button Ring Navel Piercing Bronze Stud Bar Barbell Aqua Turquoise White Mint Green Seafoam

ON SALE Tribal Septum Ring -Septum Jewelry - Septum Piercing - Gold Septum Ring - Solid Gold Septum Ring - Cartilage - Helix - Rook - Lobes

Aqua Sea Blue Druzy Belly Button Jewelry Ring

6 - 40mm Pair BOX Organic Ear Gauge Plugs Hider Flesh Tunnel Honeycomb style wooden organic Ear Jewelry for stretched Earholes Wood Piercing

ZODIAC RING in sterling silver

Opal Butterfly Belly Button Ring, Butterfly Belly Ring, Silver Belly Ring, Dangle Navel Ring, Sexy Body Jewelry, Piercing, Gift Idea. 333

Rainbow Arrow Industrial Barbell Piercing Bar Scaffold Earring Ear Jewelry Arrow Head Head 14 Gauge G 14g

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