Mini Food Jewelry Collections

Food Jewelry, Grilled Cheese Necklace, Miniature Food Necklace, Miniature Food Jewelry, Grilled Cheese Pendant, Mini Food , Toasted Cheese

Food Jewelry Lemonade Necklace, Lemonade Pendant, Pitcher, Jug, Miniature Food, Handmade Jewelry, Mini Food Jewelry, Miniature Bottle Kawaii

Food Jewelry, Gingerbread Man Necklace, Gingerbread Man in Hot Chocolate, Miniature Food Necklace, Xmas gift, Mini Food, Christmas Necklace

Food Jewelry Jug of Sangria Necklace, Sangria Pendant, Miniature Food, Mini Food Jewelry, Wine Lover, Pitcher Necklace, Kawaii Jewelry

Cotton Candy / Candy Floss Necklace Miniature Food Pendant - Miniature Food Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry Necklace

Food Jewelry Scented or Unscented Candy Apple Miniature Food Earrings - Miniature Food Jewelry,Mini Food Jewelry,Handmade Jewelry

Miniature Tutorial - How to Sculpt Miniature Summer Foods from Polymer Clay (Dollhouse, Food Jewelry Tutorial eBook)

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