Wedding Shawl Collections

Wedding silk shawl hand painted, silk shawl for bride, golden monogram brides shawl, personalized gift for bride, wedding silk accessory

Wedding Shawl Bridal Shawl Bridal Wedding Cape Nude Pink Shawl Hand Knit Shawl Rose Cape Wedding Capelet Shrug Bolero Bridesmaids Gift Shawl

Eggplant Bridal Shawl Wedding Shawl Stole Shrug Shawl Wool Bridesmaids Shoulder Wrap Evening Wrap Bridesmaids Stole Winter Wedding Crochet

Bridal Shawl/Wedding Cape/Bridal Bolero/Wedding Shawl/Black Shawl/Hand Knit Shawl/Black Tie/Handmade Shawl/Black Bolero/Shrug/Black Wedding

White wedding, white shawl, wedding accessories, bridal accessories, handmade flower, bridesmaid shawl, wedding wrap, womens shawl, white.

Bridal Cape/Wedding Shawl/Wedding Shrug/Bride Bolero/Gray Shawl/Gray Wedding/Bridal Shawl/Fall Bridal/Grey Bridal Shawl/Bridesmaid Accessory

Bridal shawl,Bridal cape,Summer Wedding shawl,Winter bridal shawl,Wedding bolero, Bridal Wrap, Shrug,Capelet, Bridal Cover Up, Crochet Shawl

Wedding Wrap, Shawl,Wedding Cape, Bolero, Bridal Shrug,Bridal Capelet,Crochet Shawl,Gray Shawl,Bridal Wrap, Winter Wedding, Bridal Cape

Wedding Shawl/Summer Wedding/Wedding Cape/Ivory Shawl/Bridal Bolero/Shrug/Ivory Shawl with Flowers/Hand Made Shawl/Bridal Cover Up/Bolero

Wedding Shawl/Champagne Shawl/Spring Wedding/Bridal Wrap/Khaki Wedding/Bridal Shawl/Wedding Cape/Champagne Wedding/Cover Up/Summer Wedding

Wedding Shawl/Wedding Cape/Ivory Shawl/Bridal Bolero/Shrug/Ivory Shawl with Flowers/Winter Wedding/Hand Made Shawl/Cover Up/Bolero/Cape

Wedding Bolero Capelet Shawl, Bridal wrap, Bridal shrug, Bridal shawl, Wedding cape,Winter Wedding Shawl,Crochet Shawl,Champagne Ivory Shawl


Bridal Shawl, Bridesmaid Shawl, Wrap, Cape, Wedding Shawl,Bridal Shrug, Shawl, Winter Wedding, Bridal Bolero, Knithing Shawl, Capelet

Ivory Wedding Shawl, Pashmina with French Lace, Ivory Pashmina, Bridal Shawl

Wedding Shawl, Bridal Shawl, Bridal Bolero, Bridal Shrug, Winter Wedding Shawl, Ivory Shawl, White Shawl, Bridal Cover up,Winter Bridal Wrap

Wedding Shawl/Ivory Shawl/Rustic Wedding/Wedding Cape/Spring Wedding/Bridal Shawl/Bridal Cape/Country Wedding/White Shawl/Ivory Bolero/Shrug

Bridal Shrug,Crochet Shawl, Bridal Shawl, Ivory Shawl,Bridal Cover Up, Bridal Bolero, Bridal Cloak, Wedding Cape,Winter Wedding,Capelet,Wrap

Bridal lace bolero (4 options- shawl , shrug , twist and scarf ) lace wedding shawl (DL300)

Wedding shawl,Bridesmaids gifts, Pashmina shawl,maid of Honor gift , ivory bridal gift ,with handmade lace,

Wedding Shawl/Bridal Cape/Wedding Cape/Winter Wedding/Something Blue/Bridal Shawl/Blue Shawl/Light Blue Shawl/Spring Wedding/Shrug/Bolero

Bridal Shrug,Bridal Bolero,Shawl,Winter accessories,Bridal accessories,Bridal Cape, Crochet Shawl,Bridal Cover Up, Bridal Cape,Bridal Wrap

Red Wedding Shawl/Winter Wedding/Bridal Cape/Valentine Wedding/Bridal Bolero/Wedding Shawl/Hand Knit Shawl/Red Wrap/Christmas Wedding

Wedding Shawl, Beige Shawl, Bridal Shrug, Crochet Shawl, Bridal Bolero, Bridal Wrap,Bridal Shawl, Winter bridal Wrap,Wedding Shawl

Bridal Shrug Bolero Shawl, Wedding shawl, Bridal shawl,cover up, Crochet Shawl Shrug, Winter wedding, Gray Shawl

Crochet Shawl,Bridal Shrug,Bridal Shawl, Winter wedding shawl, Bridal Wrap,Bridal Accessories, Bridal Bolero, Mocha Shrug, Bridal Cover Up

Wedding Shawl, Bridal Shrug, Crochet Shawl, Winter Wedding Shawl Shrug, Beige Shawl, Bridal cloak, Bridal Cover Up, Summer Wedding Shawl

WEDDING SHAWL bridal shrug color cream or natural white lace pattern leaf very feminine

Wedding Shawl / Wedding Cape /Bridal Shawl / Fall Wedding / Bridal Bolero/ Ivory Shawl /Winter Wedding / Bridal Cape /Shrug

Bridal bolero (4 options- shawl , shrug , twist and scarf ) lace wedding shawl (DL300)

Shrug, Bridal Bolero, Bridal Shawl, Blue color Shrug, Shawl, Cape, Cover up, knit bolero.

Wedding Shawl / Wedding Cape / Bridal Bolero /Shrug / Ivory Shawl with flowers / Winter Wedding / Custom Hand Knit

Wedding Shawl / Wedding Cape / Bridal Bolero / Bridal Shawl / Black Shawl / Hand Knit Shawl / Black Tie / Handmade Shawl / Bolero / Shrug

Faux ivory mink bridal wrap

Wedding Shawl / Wedding Cape / Bridal Bolero /Shrug / Ivory Shawl with flowers / Winter Wedding / Custom Hand Knit

Bridal Shawl, Wedding Shawl, Bridal Shrug, Ivory Shawl, Gray Shawl and Shrug, Winter Wedding, Bridal Bolero, Crochet Shawl, Bridal Cover Up

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